Angela Lui, Nina Urban

Role in furthering the NAC Mission

To inspire, delight and enrich the NAC membership in all areas of fashion; shining a light on all elements of dress and personal adornment. Fashion Committee events have taken our audiences for a walk on the the red carpet, backstage on Broadway, down the world’s runways, and in and out of designer closets. A working committee, members are not only expected to share ideas but to assist in their implementation as well.

If you are a member of The National Arts Club and are interested in joining our committee, please email us at [email protected].

Recent Events / News

Check out some images from one of our recent event featuring the designs by students of Marist College. Click here to view their incredible designs.

  • Medal of Honor Recipients
    • 2018 - Narciso Rodriguez

      2018 - Iris Apfel

      2016 - Norma Kamali

      2016 - Badgley Mischka

      2015 - William Ivey Long

      2013 - Patricia Field

      2010 - Ruth Finley

      2009 - Betsey Johnson

      2006 - Arnold Scaasi

      2005 -  Oleg Cassini

      2004 - Carolina Herrera

      2003 - Geoffrey Beene

  • Past Events
    • Season 2018 – 2019 

      6/7/19               Gender Bending Fashion (Michelle Finamore)
      5/24/19             Fashionspeak Fridays: Crimes of Fashion (Alison Matthews David)
      5/10/19             Fashionspeak Fridays: Guo Pei (Carmela Spinelli)
      4/12/19             Bonnet Bash: Carnival of Capital Sins
      3/22/19             Fashionspeak Fridays: Exhibitionism (Valerie Steele)
      3/8/19               Fashionspeak Fridays: Fierce: A History of Leopard Prints (Jo Weldon)
      2/22/19             Marist College Fashion Program (Radley Cramer and Marist Students) 
      2/8/19               Fashionspeak Fridays: Norman Norell (Jeffrey Banks) 
      1/11/19             Fashionspeak Fridays: Tweed Fashion (Alan Flusser and Andrew Yamato)
      12/7/18             Medal of Honor: Narciso Rodriguez
      11/30/18           Fashionspeak Fridays: Doll Fashion (Joshua McKenney & Mel Odom)
      11/9/18             Fashionspeak Fridays: Charles James (Michèle Gerber Klein)
      10/26/18           Fashionspeak Fridays: Toxic Victorian Beauty Rituals (Alexis Karl)
      10/12/18           Fashionspeak Fridays: Rita Hayworth (Cindy De La Hoz)
      9/28/18             Fashionspeak Fridays: How to Slay (Constance White)

      Season 2017 – 2018

      5/11/18          Medal of Honor: Iris Apfel
      4/20/18          Fashionspeak Fridays: Loulou and Yves
      4/6/18            Fashionspeak Fridays: Liberated Threads
      3/23/18          Bonnet Bash: The Neverland Ball
      3/9/18            Fashionspeak Fridays: TV Costume Design
      2/23/18          Fashionspeak Fridays: 18th Century Fashion
      2/2/18            Fashionspeak Fridays: Sophia Loren
      1/12/18          Fashionspeak Fridays: Handbags: A Love Story
      12/1/17          Fashionspeak Fridays: A Formal Evening with Alan Flusser
      11/17/17        Fashionspeak Fridays: Joan Rivers
      11/3/17          Fashionspeak Fridays: Drags
      10/20/17        Fashionspeak Fridays: Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore
      9/22/17          Fashionspeak Fridays: Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession and How Desire Shapes the World                                                                

      Season 2016 – 2017

      5/24/17           Fashionspeak Fridays: The Future of Fashion
      4/7/17             Bonnet Bash: Beauties and Beasts
      4/21/17           Fashionspeak Fridays: Fashioning Bollywood
      3/10/17           Fashionspeak Fridays: We Are Dandy
      2/24/17           Fashionspeak Fridays: Cocktail Culture and Couture
      2/3/17             Fashionspeak Fridays: Marie Antoinette’s Head
      1/13/17           Fashionspeak Fridays: Vintage Black Glamour
      12/12/16         Medal of Honor: Norma Kamali
      12/2/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Men and Style
      11/4/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: The Curse of Beauty
      10/21/16         Fashionspeak Fridays: Perry Ellis: An American Original
      10/7/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Jackie and Cassini                                                                

      Season 2015 – 2016

      6/10/16           The Future of Fashion: Marist College
      5/13/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Audrey and Givenchy: A Fashion Love Affair
      4/8/16             Fashionspeak Fridays: Hollywood Before Glamour
      3/24/16           Medal of Honor: Badgley Mischka
      3/11/16           Bonnet Bash: Through the Looking Glass
      2/26/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Creating the Illusion: A Fashionable History of Hollywood Costume Designers
      1/29/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Paul Stuart & Phineas Cole
      1/15/16           Fashionspeak Fridays: Fashion in the Digital Age
      12/4/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Fern Mallis
      11/3/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Fashion Victims
      11/19/15         Patricia Underwood: The Way You Wear Your Hat
      10/9/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Steampunk Revolution
      9/25/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: From Tip to Toe                                                                

      Season 2014 – 2015

      6/12/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Rowing Blazers
      5/15/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: HOSOO - More Than Textile
      5/4/15             Opening Reception: HOSOO - More Than Textile Exhibit
      4/13/15           Medal of Honor: William Ivey Long
      3/27/15           Bonnet Bash: Into the Woods
      2/20/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Fragrance as Fashion
      1/23/15           Fashionspeak Fridays: Halston: Inventing American Fashion
      11/14/14         Fashionspeak Fridays: An Evening with Renata Scotto
      10/24/14         Fashionspeak Fridays: The History of Halloween
      10/10/14         Fashionspeak Fridays: Fit to be Tied
      9/26/14           Fashionspeak Fridays: Back to School                                                                

      Various Selected Past Events

      6/13/14            Fashionspeak Fridays: The Art of Modeling
      4/4/14              The Direction of Fashion (with Tomoko Ogura of Barneys New York)
      3/28/14            Fashionspeak Fridays: A Night in Ukraine
      2/21/14            Fashionspeak Fridays: A Celebration of Chinese Fashion
      1/24/14            Fashionspeak Fridays: This is a Kenneth Cole Production
      1/10/14            Fashionspeak Fridays: Art & Sole: An Evening with Jane Weitzman
      6/7/13              Fashionspeak Fridays: An Evening with Richard Haines
      5/15/13            The 2013 Citation of Merit to Housing Works
      4/19/13            Fashionspeak Fridays: Project Runway: The Show that Changed Fashion
      3/15/13            Bonnet Bash: Celebration of Millinery
      3/13/13            Katherine Hepburn Fashion Film Night
      2/22/13            Red Carpet Ready
      6/12/12            A Conversation with Edith Head