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Grand Gallery 
Women Out of Doors

October 28 - January 3

The three month festival “Multiple Perspectives: Women in the Arts” comes to an impressive conclusion with a special exhibition celebrating women artists and the art of landscape painting. The contemporary artists included all have a highly personal dialogue with the environment, an ardent response to nature, and have found in nature’s creative purpose elements of structure, invention and expression.

Gregg Gallery
The 2019 NAC Drawing Invitational 

October 28 - January 3

The 2019 NAC Drawing Invitational pairs two celebrated New York artists, Barbara Nessim and Tara Geer. Nessim, celebrated for her gifts as a colorist reveals a celebratory world sparked by her joie de vivre. Geer, in contrast, creates large abstracts in black, white, and grey based on the close observation of insignificant details of her everyday surroundings. 

Marquis Gallery
Discovery and Restoration: Theodore Conrath

October 28 - January 3

The Archives Council is pleased to sponsor this special exhibition of work by Theodore Conrath, a National Arts Club Member from 1947-1954. Although Conrath is represented in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, his often traumatic life caused him to fall into obscurity. Thanks to writer Jared Beasley, who discovered a cache of Conrath’s work in a Tarrytown thrift shop, we can now restore Theodore Conrath to the NAC legacy.

Trask Gallery 
Courtroom Art: Eyewitness for the Public

November 7 - January 3

We are proud to once again collaborate with the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York in showcasing the work of some of the top courtroom artists working today. Dynamic and visually telling, these works provide the public with an immediate view of some of the district’s most famous cases.