Queen Puabi/ Tombs of Ur
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Queen Puabi and the Royal Tombs of Ur

Thursday, September 5
6:30 PM 

Dr. Jane Hickman of the University of Pennsylvania returns to the NAC to present a talk on the tomb of Queen Puabi of Ur and discuss reasons individuals through time and across continents have adorned themselves. Excavated in the 1920s by renowned archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley, the royal cemetery dates to circa 2500 BCE, a few hundred years before the birth of biblical Abraham in that Mesopotamian city. Some of the ancient world’s most fascinating jewelery and decorative metalwork were unearthed in the famous “Death Pit,” where Queen Puabi’s fabulous treasures were discovered. These finds exemplify the Sumerian interest in gold, silver, lapis lazuli, and carnelian. 

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This event is a designated Multiple Perspectives: Women in the Arts event.

The National Arts Club is thrilled to launch our 2019-20 season with "Multiple Perspectives: Women in the Arts,” a three-month festival (September - November 2019) exploring women creators, leaders, and innovators. The festival features over 50 performances, readings, presentations, and exhibitions focused on the arts, past, present, and future. “Since its founding in 1898, women have been welcomed as full members of our Club. ‘Multiple Perspectives’ is an opportunity for the Club to build on this commitment while fulfilling our mission to promote the arts,” said Linda Zagaria, Club President.


Queen Puabi/ Tombs of Ur
Thursday, September 05, 2019 6:30 PM