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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Grand Gallery
At the Crossroads of Asia and Europe: 20th Century Masterpieces from the Kasteyev State Museum of Arts in Kazakhstan

June 18 - July 15
Opening Reception: June 18,  6:00-8:00 PM

At the Crossroads of Asia and Europe: 20th Century Masterpieces from the Kasteyev State Museum of Arts in Kazakhstan, brings together some of the greatest examples of 20th century Kazakh art. From the 1930s-1970s, this period covers the most vibrant cultural and historical traditions in Kazakhstan through its visual art.  Among the artists represented is Abylkhan Kasteyev, after whom the Museum was named in 1984. His work explores national customs and everyday life in the steppe. His iconic “Hunter with the Golden Eagle” speaks to the historic practice of hunting with the golden eagle, an integral part of the culture and a tradition carefully guarded for centuries.  
    Russian artists who came to Kazakhstan in the 1930s and 40s played an important role in the development of Kazakhstan’s art school. Kazakh artists such as Moldakhmet Kenbaev, Aisha Galimbaeva, Sabur Mambeyev, among many others are also represented and provide insight into this national school. This unique exhibition showcases the richness and creativity of 20th century masters from Kazakhstan.

Image: Hunter with the Golden Eagle. 1935. Oil on Canvas. Abylkhan Kasteyev, 1904-1973
Gregg Gallery
The Work of Kamoinge
Black Women: Power and Grace

May 28 – Jun 30

Gallery Talk: June 30, 2:00-3:00 PM

For many years Kamoinge Inc., a pioneering collective of African and African American photographers, has wanted to celebrate the power, grace and beauty of the black woman. The media and popular imagination of the western world normally ignore these foundational attributes of the black woman. This representational neglect has a severe psychological consequence in both the African and African-Diasporic communities, rendering black women invisible, or when present, in a negative light. Hence, the exhibition, Black Women: Power & Grace, serves as a celebration and a cure for the ongoing misrepresentation.
    Power and Grace is a visual ode to the women who are the backbone of our family and community. As a photographic collective, Kamoinge addresses this mission with the various genres, techniques and themes of fine art of photography.
Marquis + Trask Galleries
The 27th Annual National Arts Club Roundtable Exhibition

June 1 – June 30

Opening Reception: June 7,  6:00-8:00 PM

This annual exhibition brings together established and emerging artists, offering them an opportunity to share their aesthetic explorations and latest accomplishments. The works encompass a variety of genres, materials, and media and are sure to create an inspiring installation.