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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Grand Gallery
Lois Dodd

January 29 –  February 24

“Lois Dodd paints with an insistent, sometimes daring economy. She has spent some 60 years making images of her immediate surroundings and each painting seems to go emphatically as far as she thinks it should and no further.” - Roberta Smith, The New York Times
    We are proud to present this celebratory survey exhibition of Lois Dodd’s paintings. Dodd will be awarded The National Arts Club’s Medal of Honor for Fine Arts on February 22. One of the most original and striking voices in American painting, Lois Dodd is also the subject of a recent monograph written by Fay Hirsch and published by Lund Humphries.
Gregg Gallery
 OUTSIDE THE LINES - The Fourth Annual NAC Drawing Invitational

February 1 –  24

Drawings have for centuries offered viewers the most immediate and intimate view of an artist's process and perception. The Exhibitions Committee is pleased to present the Fourth Annual NAC Drawing Invitational. For the past three seasons this exhibition has been a showcase for artists who have enhanced or abandoned traditional media to create powerful expressions through line.  
    Included are works by Irving Petlin, Tara Geer, George Towne, Grace Graupe-Pillard and Anki King. This year's exhibition will pay special tribute to NAC member Peter Cox (1944 - 2017).
Trask Gallery
The Yaddo Six

February 1 –  24

Yaddo was the country estate in Saratoga Springs, NY of Spencer Trask (NAC President 1905 - 1909) and his wife Katrina. Left without immediate heirs, the Trasks bequeathed their fortune and estate to the establishment of a residency program for artists.  
   The six artists featured in this exhibition (Nancy Bowen, Justin Cooper, Elizabeth Hazen, Jane Kent, Margaux Ogden and Dee Shapiro) were in residence at the Yaddo Estate in May 2017. All six have exhibited widely in the United States and abroad. It is fitting that theses eclectic works be shown in the gallery named for Spencer Trask.

Marquis Gallery
From The Permanent Collection: Selections from Goya’s LOS CAPRICHOS

January 8 - February 24

In 2014, a complete Ninth Edition of Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos was discovered in a miscatalogued volume that was part of the Robert Henri Library donated to The National Arts Club by member Janet LeClair in 1994. The set, given to Robert Henri by Randall Davey, one of his students at the New York School of Art, who became a close friend and traveling companion on trips to Europe, went on display in the Grand Gallery in January 2015. William Grimes in The New York Times wrote, “It has  been 20 years since the complete series of the Caprichos has been seen in Manhattan and the Goyas at The National Arts Club come with an unusual story. And admission is free.” The show was the best attended in the Club’s recent exhibition history.     
    This installation in the Marquis Gallery will feature 14 of the best known images from this 1799 masterwork.
Grand Gallery
119th Annual Exhibiting Artist Members Exhibition

February 26 - March 23

Reception & Awards Ceremony: March 1, 6:00-8:00 PM

In 1906 The National Arts Club celebrated its new headquarters on Gramercy Park with an exhibition of American paintings belonging to member and collector William T. Evans. A successful businessman and renowned collector, Evans, as the Club’s Art Committee chair, was instrumental in creating the Artist Life Membership Program and establishing the Exhibiting Artist Members Exhibition.

Pictured: The NAC 2017 First Prize Winner, Lorraine Klagsbrun, Reverie, Mixed Media
Marquis Gallery
Jermaine Amuquandoh

February 26 – March 24

Opening Reception: March 8, 6:00-8:00 PM

Jermaine Amuquandoh is a young artist who can be classified in the realm of Outsider, Naive and/or Visionary art. Jermaine had an interesting beginning to his burgeoning progress as a student participant in the Marta Valle High School exhibitions held here at The National Arts Club. His work repeatedly sold out.    
   Jermaine’s curiously elaborate mixed media paintings result in highly personal visions. Although from concrete inner city Brooklyn, when asked what his paintings are about he says they are “plants, they’re about nature, they’re alive….” which exemplifies the mystery of the inner psyche of an artist.
Gregg Gallery
Personal Spaces – Interactive Multimedia Works by
  Anna Frants, Carla Gannis, Alexandra Dementieva, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

February 26 - March 24

Opening Reception: February 27, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

This exhibition brings together a collection of experiential-based ideas and projects built around the idea of interaction between the viewer and an artwork, an individual and a society, mediated by technologically progressive visualization methods. Technology can be viewed as an instrument for artists to offer reflections on the role of information in society; cultural mechanisms; the boundary between the real and the virtual; and the use of mass media as instruments for manipulation and control. Some of the works are inspired by the artists’ own experiences and create an illusion of the individual taking on a paradoxical and timeless sojourn into the ideal — an entirely “personal” space constructed of inanimate objects from the past. Other works offer journeys through imaginary epochs represented by classical forms, historical images and creative associations, while additional works explore female identity through the artist turning the camera on herself as a character for role playing in digital narratives.    
   The exhibition explores artworks that are immersive, participatory, performative and kinetic, all from the vantage point of the phenomenological experience. It is organized in collaboration with CYLAND MediaArtLab and the Kolodzei Art Foundation.
Also, viewing in the Trask Gallery: Society of Scribes

February 26 – March 24

Gallery Talk: March 22, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Society of Scribes presents its annual Members Exhibition of calligraphic works. Visit