The Art of Breathing
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The Power of Breathing

Wednesday, September 6
7:30 PM (note the new start time) |  Interactive Presentation

Tradition and technology have taught us to use our inner mechanics to access our true creativity, life force, and spirituality through breathing exercises.
   Join us for an introduction to these various methods of breathing, and how they can be used to access your true powers within. Join ZoĆ« LePage, the founder of Exhale to Inhale, for an accessible breathing practice and discussion of the healing power of the breath for trauma survivors.  
   Listen with hannes bend how contemplative practices (including breathing) can help to cope with freezing cold water, support mental/physical well-being and enhance productivity. Learn from UN Ambassador Patrick Nickisch how to access your true spiritual and creative power within. And see our own Lev Polyakov's explanation and visualizations of these states, artistically expressed.

A virtual reality breathing app with "biofeedback" will be demoed before and after the event, starting at 6:00 PM.

We expect this to be a popular event so please to RSVP well in advance. Please click HERE to RSVP now.

The Art of Breathing
Wednesday, September 06, 2017 7:30 PM
Art & Tech