The Gamelatron, Robotic Gong Sculptures
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Aaron Taylor Kuffner: The Gamelatron, Robotic Gong Sculptures

Tuesday, April 25
7:00 PM

A night of improvised music on robotic gong sculptures with stories of poetic terrorism, Indonesian Ethnomusicology, and the art of framing silence with Aaron Taylor Kuffner, the artist behind the Gamelatron Project.
   A Gamelatron is a sound-producing kinetic sculpture made from traditional bronze instruments from Indonesia‚Äôs gamelan tradition, retrofitted with mechanical mallets on sculptural mounting systems. The pieces are connected to a network that transcribes digital compositions into an array of electrical pulsations that results in a ghostly musical automaton.
   Aaron Taylor Kuffner is a conceptual artist, whose pieces often take the form of multi-year projects that involve in-depth research, collaboration with field experts and development of specialized skill sets.
Each project is uniquely attached to the idea of providing conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through experiences of beauty and the sublime. In doing so he reaches far outside of conventions pushing the role of art to be a form of service to society.  
  Through his work Kuffner has become a noted composer, sculptor, electronic music producer, machinist, street artist, theater director, instrument builder, and producer of social sculptures and hyperbolic events ranging in scale from intimate finite happenings to the epic and fabled.

Photo by Pascal C Petit

The Gamelatron, Robotic Gong Sculptures
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 7:00 PM
Art & Tech