Membership benefits of The National Arts Club

  • Over 200 arts programs and social events per season
  • Shared spouse and partner membership, as well as membership options for young members
  • A 19th century National Historic Landmark mansion clubhouse in the heart of Manhattan, former home of Samuel Tilden, Governor of New York and founder of the New York Public Library with a bar and parlors with stunning historic and architectural details
  • Innovative club dining for members and their guests, Monday through Friday, for both lunch and dinner.
  • 6 unique meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Overnight accommodations for members and guests of members
  • Access to numerous reciprocal clubs worldwide
  • Member access to Gramercy Park, New York City's only private park
If you are a member in-good standing with The National Arts Club and would like to recommend someone for membership, please email our Admissions Committee at [email protected].

The National Arts Club November 2019 Admissions Candidates

Jonathan M. Silberstein-Loeb      
Proposer: Richard A. Levao                        
Seconder: Cherry C. Provost

Michael Blaustein & Jenna Schneider               
Proposer: Daniel Reilly                   
Seconder: Rhea Alexander
Junior – Dual

J. Blake O’Neill & Alexandra O’Neill                  
Proposer: Florence Boyle                
Seconder: Daniel Reilly
Resident – Dual  

Colleen Maura O’Brien
Proposer: Yvonne R. Collins           
Seconder: Angela Lui

Henning Jakobsen
Proposer: Michael Corbo
Seconder: Rebecca Even-Zohar

Jane Ashby Ballin Waugh
Proposer: Susannah Carrier                      
Seconder: Jane LaFarge Hamill

Tim Rich & Jennifer June
Proposer: Patty Otis Abel   
Seconder: Stephen Kass
Resident – Dual 

Gemma Kahng        
Proposer: David Zyla
Seconder: Angela Lui

Sylvia K. Johann
Proposer: David Cohen
Seconder: Linda Zagaria
Resident – Dual  

Sonia Stark
Proposer: Ruth Ahntholz-Golian
Seconder: Paul Schwendener