Strindberg's Dollhouse
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A staged reading directed by Mark S. Graham

Monday, June 20
7:30 PM                                                                                        

August Strindberg, along with Ibsen and Chekhov, is considered one of the fathers of modern drama.  
   Strindberg’s Dollhouse, an original play by Vivian Sorvall, seeks to find the humanity in this complicated genius, a misogynist who adored women. It draws on a single paragraph Strindberg wrote about his stay in a Paris hospital in 1895 in which he expresses rare gratitude: “Our kind mother, the Matron, in her austere habit of black and white, took a special fancy to me.” In the play, ‘Mother’ leads a defeated Strindberg to an imaginary meeting with his proclaimed nemesis Ibsen, the renowned Norwegian playwright twenty years his senior. They spar over their respective “dollhouses,” these opposing titans, the unpredictable, peripatetic Strindberg and the disciplined, emotionally repressed Ibsen.
   Strindberg’s Dollhouse was developed at Theatre Artists Workshop in Norwalk, Connecticut, under Mark S. Graham’s direction. Playwright Vivian Sorvall also writes screenplays and is a recipient for a NEH grant for screenplay adaptation. She is a member of Theatre Artists Workshop and the Dramatists Guild. Graham has previously brought to the NAC the well-received readings of Liz Fuller’s Me and Jezebel, and Mary Jane Schaefer’s Shakespeare Rising and Judith Has Her Say.

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Strindberg's Dollhouse
Monday, June 20, 2016 7:30 PM