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Role in furthering the NAC Mission

Through its' programing, the Archaeology Committee promotes an understanding of past cultures and an appreciation of our shared humanity. We seek to highlight the exciting and ongoing discoveries presently being made in the field of Archaeology.

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      When Animals Were Gods:
      Exploring the Egyptian Pantheon at the Brooklyn Museum

      Thursday, October 19
      7:30 PM

      Illustrated lecture

      From domestic pets to wild beasts, the ancient Egyptians held a deep respect for animals. Having  keenly observed the specific qualities of each species in their environment, Egyptians often interpreted their strength, power, speed and fertility, as evidence of an animal's link to divinity.  In this talk Dr. Yekaterina Barbash will explore the ancient Egyptian animal kingdom and its links to the pantheon of Egyptian gods.  She will unravel the mysteries of Thoth, Sakhmet, Anubis and other deities. In addition, her presentation will serve as an in-depth introduction to the new Brooklyn Museum exhibition: Soulful Creatures. Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt. 
         Dr. Barbash is the Associate Curator of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum.

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    • 2009 - Archaeology Magazine

      Certificate of Merit: Fifty Years of Excavations at Aphrodisias, 2011

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