Preserving Manhattan’s “City of the Future”
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How the West was Won: Preserving Manhattan’s “City of the Future”

Wednesday, April 19
8:00 PM

In 1879 Edward Clark, the builder of the Dakota Apartments and neighboring West 73rd Street row houses, gave a speech on the “city of the future.”  Clark spoke about the need for constructing houses and apartment buildings, “some splendidly, many elegantly, and all comfortably, that the architecture should be ornate, solid and permanent, and that the principle of economic combination should be employed to the greatest possible extent.”
   Fast forward nearly 150 years later…the Upper West Side is a thriving, architecturally and socially layered neighborhood, firmly rooted in its history and sense of place.  Up until the 1980s, many of the buildings and streetscapes that make the West Side the West Side—including the Central Park West skyline, Riverside Drive, and block after brownstone block—lacked the kind of landmark protection that other neighborhoods had.   
   LANDMARK WEST! President and landmark advocate Kate Wood will tell the story of how the community mobilized to defend its past…and its future.  In this era of supertall towers shadowing Central Park and creeping into even our city’s most historic neighborhoods, preservation is an ongoing saga.

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Preserving Manhattan’s “City of the Future”
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 8:00 PM