Writer's Showcase: "Fifteen"
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15th Annual Lisa Dickler Awano Writers’ Showcase: “Fifteen”

Tuesday, February 21
8:00 PM

A number that sometimes pales in the shadow of its famously "sweet" neighbor, this fascinating factor of five can mean very different things to different people. "Fifteen" may be a character’s age, or the date of a shocking historical change; perhaps it is the number of petals on a daisy, or the many years one waits for a beloved to return home.  Please join our gifted NAC member authors, as they present brief selections from their writings, exploring the many facets of this turning point number.

Readers include:

Lisa Dickler Awano
Hiroo Dickler Awano
Robert Duvall
Viviana Pimstein Epelbaum
Michael Fine
Alice Forman
Johanna Garfield
Pauline Gilbert-Bader
Sara Goff
Joan Hartman
Arlene Heyman
Ruth Lilian
Bryant Mason
David Masello
Cherry Provost
Linda Selman
Dee Shapiro
 Martin Tucker
 Hayden Wayne
 Beatrice Williams-Rude

An RSVP is not required for this event.

Writer's Showcase: "Fifteen"
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:00 PM