May Exhibitions
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Grand Gallery
Judith Henry - Me As Her

Morton Bartlett - Family Found

May 1 - June 15

With unhesitating boldness and an uninhibited wave of imagination, Judith Henry and Morton Bartlett confront us with an exploration of identity, time and illusion.
   In a series of black and white photographs, Me As Her, Judith Henry continues her long-standing practice of remaining hidden/masked within her work. She reimagines herself behind masks of significant and accomplished women who have died. The appearance of Henry’s hands is itself a reflection of her aging process and an important signature of each piece.
   Morton Bartlett (1909 - 1992) was a private man whose passion for creation became public only after his death. He devoted himself to creating a fantasy family of perfectly sculptured children. Meticulously dressed and posed, Bartlett photographed them in staged scenarios, creating a visual fiction of childhood. These haunting works have received international acclaim including a showing at the Venice Biennale.

Gregg Gallery
Simba Rogers: Form in Motion

May 1 - June 3

Simba Rogers is the 2016 student winner of the Will Barnet First Prize, and we are proud to present her New York debut exhibition. Rogers is a senior at Lehman College where she began her academic career as a painter but later changed her area of specialization to sculpture. Coming from an art background, she began drawing at the age of 8 and went on to attend the High School of Art and Design where she was able to intern with the Center for Arts Education in 2009. After a year at the School of Visual Arts, where she majored in illustration, Rogers transferred to Lehman College.
   “The focus for my body of work is the expression of form flowing within fabric and the human body. My work is based on life and inanimate subject matter. Drawing and sculpting from a live model is a passion of mine. I wanted to capture in my work the body’s motion, muscles and angles that protrude even with the slightest movement.”
Marquis Gallery
Yuki James: Portraits

May 1 - June 3

Combining a direct provocativeness with a humanistic eye, Yuki James is one of the most compelling portrait photographers working today. A familiar figure in the world of fashion, James now shies away from archetypal and commercial ideals of beauty. Finding elegance in “otherness,” his work is a celebration of diversity - embracing a radius of race and age and a forthright and fervent observation of the queer and transgender community.
   James was born in Alabama to an American father and a Japanese mother. His work as an editor and stylist has been featured in V, V MAN and Harper’s Bazaar. He studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center for Photography. His photography has been highlighted in The New York Times, W Magazine, i-D and GQ Style among others. He was recently the focus of a solo show at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in Manhattan.


Trask Gallery
Keith Ellenbogen: Underwater Wildlife New York

April 3 - June 3

Underwater Wildlife New York is a visual journey into salty waters - from Montauk Point, NY to Cape May, NJ - to discover and explore an extraordinary world that is teeming with life. Our local waters are among the most diverse and productive marine ecosystems and home to a dazzling array of species. This exhibition presents large-format images of local marine wildlife aimed at using photography to inspire ocean awareness and stewardship.
   Keith Ellenbogen is an acclaimed underwater photographer who is partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium to stimulate public awareness of the diversity of life in our local waters. Keith is a Senior Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Fellow at the Explorers Club and an Assistant Professor of Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He was a 2015-2016 Visiting Artist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a 2006-2007 U.S. Fulbright Fellow.

May Exhibitions
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