Animal-Shaped Vases
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The Rheda S. Brandt Memorial Lecture
"Fit for Gods and Kings: Animal-shaped Vases in the Ancient World"

Monday, April 15
6:30 PM  

Visual presentation and discussion

Professor Robert B. Koehl, internationally renowned expert on the archaeology of the Greek world and Near East with their fluid interrelationships, returns for his fifth National Arts Club lecture.  In this talk, he treats zoomorphic vessels from the Near East to the Aegean, from the Neolithic to the Classical Era.    Since the Neolithic era, artists and artisans utilizing diverse materials ranging from pottery to bronze and silver have created magnificently rendered vases in the shapes of animals, depicting a remarkable range of species. Dr. Koehl's discussion focuses on how the roles and meanings of these splendid objects have shifted over time and space. He will explore the function of such vessels in ritual, religion, and feasting as well as their important role in enhancing diplomacy through cultural gift exchanges. Attend this talk and learn why your favorite dog or cat may signify far more than just a beloved household pet. 

Animal-Shaped Vases
Monday, April 15, 2019 6:30 PM