March Exhibitions
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Grand Gallery
The Annual Exhibiting Artist Members Exhibition

March 4 – 28 

Reception & Awards Ceremony: March 7,  6:00-8:00 PM

In 1906 The National Arts Club celebrated its new headquarters on Gramercy Park with an exhibition of American paintings belonging to member and collector William T. Evans. A successful businessman and renowned collector, Evans, as the Club’s Art Committee chair, was instrumental in creating the Artist Life Membership Program and establishing the Exhibiting Artist Members Program and Annual Exhibition.

Pictured: The NAC 2018 First Prize Winner, Dee Shapiro, East is East
Gregg Gallery
Abner Hershberger: Recent Paintings

March 4 – 29

Opening Reception: March 15,  6:00-8:00 PM

Artist Statement:
Images of North Dakota and the Midwest flatland, vast expanses of expressive grids of grain punctuated with cultivation stripes are always with me. These are fields I plowed in my youth and well into adulthood. The stark markings of furrowed land, patterns of irrigation, and stubble fields have a poetic quality.  In them I find a rich and meaningful source for visual expression. Abstracted, their imprint seems even bolder, representing colorful independent sections that coexist peacefully despite their diversity. I left the North Dakota farm and its long, difficult workdays and inclement weather to explore the greener pastures of artistic pursuits, only to be pulled back to the fields portrayed here.

Pictured: Cultivating Private Thoughts' mixed media: 28.5" x 24"
Marquis Gallery
From Constructivism to Socialist Realism:
Artistic Propaganda in Applied Graphic Art of the 1920s–1930s in the USSR.

March 4 - March 29

Opening reception: Monday, March 4, 6-8pm

The exhibition is a selection from R.R. and R.N. Bagichev collection of domestic industrial graphic art of the early Soviet Union. The collection totals over 1200 works that comprise a unique body of material for studying the printing and graphic arts of the domestic packaging industry during a period of radical transformation in everyday life after the establishment of the Soviet power. The collection is valuable in that it primarily contains the early printings of industrial graphic arts, including unique works, as well as works created through the joint efforts of the founders of constructivism, Aleksandr Rodchenko and Vladimir Mayakovsky. By studying this collection of applied artistic graphics we can picture the nuances of daily existence and how people lived in the challenging time of the 1920s and 1930s: we learn how they dressed, what they ate and drank, what they used for bathing and health care, and much more. The period in question, following the Russian civil war, also coincided with the Red Terror—a period characterized by severe hunger against a backdrop of spectacular parades and depictions of happy builders of a “socialist society.” This difficult time lead to the appearance of unique foodstuffs, such as oatmeal coffee, carrot tea, and other creative substitute beverages. Some labels include recommendations with practical advice and recipes.
    Aside from glimpses of daily life, society, and politics, these applied artistic graphics enables us to observe the development of progressive trends in the art of the 1920s. The principles of constructivism are reflected in the accentuated flatness of the images, their linearity, and the clean-cut shapes. In analyzing this material we see changes in the aesthetics of Soviet applied graphic art during the early decades of Soviet rule, and we observe how the influence of the avant-garde movement of constructivism smoothly transitioned to new artistic views in the style of social realism with its realistic take on images and vivid, affirmative symbolism, permeated with propaganda of the socialist order and way of life.
Also in our Trask Gallery
Society of Scribes

March 4 – 29

Gallery Talk: March 8, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Society of Scribes presents its annual Members Exhibition of calligraphic works. Visit
March Exhibitions
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