One-Act Plays
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Lusting After Monet by Luigi Jannuzzi 
In the Middle Light
by David Masello
You Belong to Me
by Daniel Reitz

Monday, February 25
8:00 PM

Three One-Act Plays  

Join us for an evening of three original one-act plays, each of which takes the world of art and artists as its theme. 
     Seasoned playwright Luigi Jannuzzi’s Lusting After Monet brings the figures in an iconic painting by the Impressionist master to life on stage; David Masello presents In the Middle Light, an intriguing look at three characters who meet in an art museum for reasons not immediately discernible; and in Daniel Reitz’s You Belong to Me, two seemingly opposite characters meet on a New York City subway, only to quickly discover that they had known each other many years earlier under far different circumstances. 
     All three works show how art can both inspire and determine much of human interaction. 

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One-Act Plays
Monday, February 25, 2019 8:00 PM