The Female Persuasion
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The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

Tuesday, December 11
8:00 PM

The best-selling novelist Meg Wolitzer will discuss her latest book, The Female Persuasion, which both speaks to the current “me too” moment and rises brilliantly above it. With pitch-perfect satire and indelible insight, Wolitzer takes as her subject the eternal struggle of women in society to gain the power and leadership that is overdue them. At the same time, she makes the reader care deeply about the struggle of one particular young woman, Greer Kadetzky, as she finds her way in work, love, and friendship, in the shadow of a charismatic mentor, Faith Frank—a second-wave feminist whose galvanizing speaking style and sexy boots conjure up an entire era.
     As with all of Wolitzer’s fiction, The Female Persuasion is both funny and thought-provoking as it depicts the realities of the way men and women live now.   
    Meg Wolitzer is the author of The Interestings, The Position, The Ten-Year Nap, and The Wife -- which was made into a 2017 film starring Glenn Close.

The Female Persuasion
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 8:00 PM