New York Botanical Garden
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Garden Envy, “Why couldn’t we have something like this in New York?”

Wednesday, February 21
8:00 PM

Illustrated lecture

In the latter decade of the 19th century, a confluence of talent, wealth and vision gave birth to The New York Botanical Garden. Men and women as different as J.P. Morgan and a little known college professor joined together to build a grand conservatory and to lay the groundwork for what they hoped would be a great institution. Join us for an illustrated lecture that will frame the building of one of New York’s greatest cultural legacies.  
    Wayne Cahilly is the manager of the Lionel Goldfrank III Institutional Mapping Department at the New York Botanical Garden. Having begun his academic career studying history, Wayne has blended that interest with his long tenure at the Garden, becoming recognized as the site historian. He lectures and writes about NYBG and the fascinating 250 years that preceded the garden in the north-central Bronx.

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New York Botanical Garden
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:00 PM