Careers in Portrait Photography
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Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil:
Creating Careers in Portrait Photography

Thursday, February 1
8:00 PM

Discussion and visual presentation

How do portrait photographers, who often begin their careers in commercial settings, move beyond creating mere likenesses to produce culturally defining art? Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil, authors, antiquitarian book specialists, rare photography dealers and experts, will discuss this process by examining two portrait photographers from very different eras: Matthew Brady (1822-1896) and Marcel Sternberger (1899-1956). Analyzing the men's lives and works, the father and son pair will discuss the pathways these photographers followed to become highly influential artists and documentarians.    
   Stephan Loewentheil will discuss Matthew Brady's work and journey to become the photographer who shaped our vision of the Civil War. Jacob Loewentheil will discuss Marcel Sternberger, an early proponent of close interpersonal interaction with the subject of the portrait. Among other many other accomplishments, Sternberger made the official portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that was the basis for the face of the current US dime.

Pictured above: Albert Einstein, 1950, Princeton. Credit: Courtesy of the Marcel Sternberger Collection, Copyright Stephan Loewentheil 2016.

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Careers in Portrait Photography
Thursday, February 01, 2018 8:00 PM