December Exhibitions
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Grand Gallery
A Tribute to Irving Petlin

October 30 - January 4

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 1,  6:00-8:00 PM

American artist Irving Petlin is renowned for his mastery of the pastel medium and his collaborations with other artists including Mark di Suvero and Leon Golub.  Engaging in multiple discourses - political, philosophical and psychological - Petlin’s work radiates with a mastery of line, color and light and is enhanced by a sense of myth and unlimited space. The National Arts Club exhibition will include the first showing of the artist's pastel series - Storms, After Redon.  
   The work of Irving Petlin can be found in the collections of MOMA. the Metropolitan Museum and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Mr. Petlin is currently featured in the exhibition L’Art du Pastel de Degas à Redon at the Petit Palais in Paris.

You can download the exhibitions catalog "A Tribute to Irving Petlin" here.

Gregg Gallery
Nina Rodin:
You are not a real painter, she said

November 27 - January 5

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 26, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Danish artist Nina Rodin’s work includes print, photography, sculpture or large-scale installation but the subject always returns to the painterly mark. Painting, with its historical and physical constraints, harbours such myriad possibilities that Rodin finds resonances with the complexities of the human brain and the universe.          
   Rodin playfully exploits the absurd, surprising and sometimes beautiful results of applying pseudo-scientific protocols to the making of paintings. Science is ineffectual as an original mode of expression but supplies a rich source of material and methods: numbering, archiving, imaging devices such as microscopes or x-ray viewing boxes, labelling, ordering, and systematic analysis.   

Artists Statement:
The exhibition showcases a very diverse selection of books, works on paper, paintings and video work. Each work is rich and complex: if anything my work has become more obsessive, more detailed, more laborious too.    
   The title of the exhibition - which is not a review of the show - refers to something a colleague once said in jest to me.  Though I often wake up dreaming of painting the morning, I am still a scientist too. A lot of my work revolves around applying numbering and labelling, or other scientific methodologies to the act of painting. Some of the work take on 'real paintings', either by working with reproductions of famous paintings or by borrowing the styles of an established cannon of 'real painters'. Most of the work is conceptual and comes from ruminations on the historicity of painting, which feels appropriate in the context of The National Arts Club, a 120 year-old institution. The title is also a reflection of my  interest in the definition of art. I have continued to write about what art is and given lectures and talks both in universities, at conferences and to lay audiences.
Trask Gallery
Deck The Walls: A Holiday Exhibition and Sale

December 4 - January 6
Opening Reception and Book Sale: December 7,  6:00-8:00 PM

To celebrate the arrival of the holiday season, the Trask Gallery will overflow with a special exhibition and book sale benefiting the NAC Adopt-A-Masterpiece program. Just in time for gift giving, this is a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional work of art or a rare art book from our extensive collection at an exceptional price.        
   Established in 2013 through the generosity of individual member donors, the Adopt-A-Masterpiece program has made possible the restoration of Permanent Collection favorites including Robert Vonnoh’s Reverie, Andrew Winter’s Eastern Point Light and Paul Cornoyer’s Shepherd’s Cottage, Moonlight.   
Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.

December Exhibitions
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