Speaking of Shakespeare: Stephen Segaller
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Speaking of Shakespeare
With Stephen Segaller, Head of Programming for WNET Television

Monday, November 6
8:00 PM

Stephen Segaller oversees all of WNET’s national programming, a portfolio that includes American Masters, Great Performances, Nature, and PBS NewsHour Weekend. As Executive Producer, he has brought us such documentaries as Ascent of Money, The War of the World, City at War: London Calling, and Legacy of War, narrated by Walter Cronkite.   
   In partnership with the BBC’s Richard Denton, Mr. Segaller is now enriching our lives with Shakespeare Uncovered, each episode of which features a celebrity host who focuses on one play. He’ll share highlights from such programs as Antony and Cleopatra (hosted by Kim Cattrall), King Lear (hosted by Christopher Plummer), and The Taming of the Shrew (hosted by Morgan Freeman)    
   Mr. Segaller hopes to bring one or two special guests to the event, and they will join him and the Shakespeare Guild's John Andrews in what promises to be a fascinating discussion about how to present the playwright's works effectively on the screen.

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Speaking of Shakespeare: Stephen Segaller
Monday, November 06, 2017 8:00 PM