Membership benefits of The National Arts Club

  • Over 200 arts programs and social events per season
  • Shared spouse and partner membership, as well as membership options for young members
  • A 19th century National Historic Landmark mansion clubhouse in the heart of Manhattan, former home of Samuel Tilden, Governor of New York and founder of the New York Public Library with a bar and parlors with stunning historic and architectural details
  • Innovative club dining for members and their guests, Monday through Friday, for both lunch and dinner.
  • 6 unique meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Overnight accommodations for members and guests of members
  • Access to numerous reciprocal clubs worldwide
  • Member access to Gramercy Park, New York City's only private park
If you are a member in-good standing with The National Arts Club and would like to recommend someone for membership, please email our Admissions Committee at

The National Arts Club February 2019 Admissions Candidates

Larry J. Guffey & Rita Guffey      
Proposer: Amelie Lonergan                       
Seconder: Lucy Guffey
Resident – Dual                              

Joshua Deutsch & Leanne Fremar                    
Proposer: Jacob Friedman             
Seconder: Christopher Lombardi
Resident – Dual  

Robert A. Siegel                
Proposer: David Fink                     
Seconder: Linda M. Hartley

Edward P. McCrorie                    
Proposer: Hope Igleheart              
Seconder: Neil Altman

Miguel Kertsman & Andrea Kleibel-Kertsman                      
Proposer: Steven Masur                
Seconder: Rhea Alexander
Non-Resident – Dual  

Cheryl Goldsleger            
Proposer: Everett Raymond Kinstler                   
Seconder: Kevin Grogan

Meredith R. Miller            
Proposer: Raymond J. Dowd                     
Seconder: Sabra Brock

Juan Carlos Ortiz              
Proposer: Andrew Gordon            
Seconder: Franck Raharinosy

Nicolas Garnier                
Proposer: Erik Carlson                   
Seconder: Vaughn Massey

George H. Lewis               
Proposer: Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis                   
Seconder: Henrietta Pertuz
Resident – Dual  

Ted Green              
Proposer: Jim Beloyianis                
Seconder: Jeff Warren

Matthew Brookman                     
Proposer: Andrew Terry               
Seconder: Nicholas Lowry

William J. Skody               
Proposer: Steven Colucci               
Seconder: Burton M. Fendelman

Glen Nicholas Morisano, Jr.                   
Proposer: Carol Sawdye                
Seconder: Chris Poe

Jonathan Kornblau & Erin Reilly                      
Proposer: Roland G. Riopelle                     
Seconder: Chris Poe
Resident – Dual