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All four galleries of The National Arts Club are open to the public and can be visited Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM (hours are subject to change). There is no admission fee.

Grand Gallery

Carlos Quintana - Recent Works
April 27 - May 30

Carlos Quintana is one of the most important artists working in Cuba today. Born in Cuba in 1966, Quintana attended the famed San Alejandro Academy of Art and lived and worked in Madrid for eleven years before returning to Cuba in 2004.
   Known for his irrepressible energy, Quintana’s work reflects a physical urge to express his inner world and feelings. Combining and hybridizing iconography of the East and West and contemporary and traditional styles, the artist presents us with a dream like universe of vivid colors and rich textures from which emerge powerful yet poetic figures. Quintana’s images are full of metaphoric and humorous gestures, often disturbing but always seductive.
   The work of Carlos Quintana has been exhibited worldwide including Beijing, Havana. Madrid, Miami and New York.

Pictured: Stoic, 2014 Watercolor on paper
Gregg Gallery
ARTiculate: The 24th Annual National Arts Club Roundtable Exhibition
May 18 - 30

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 21, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This annual exhibition brings together established and emerging artists, offering them an opportunity to share their esthetic explorations and latest accomplishments with a new audience.
   This year the show will feature several pieces by invited guest artists. The works encompass a variety of genres, materials, and media and are sure to impose an inspiring installation. Do join us for the opening to meet the artists, advance a new aesthetic appreciation, enjoy some mellow music, and gather with friends, old and new.
Marquis Gallery
Lou Bopp: Mississippi
May 18 - 30

Closing Reception:
Wednesday, May 27, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Lou Bopp’s journey deep into the south began on a motorcycle, traveling Highway 61, through the heart of Mississippi. His love of the Blues fueled his explorations, where he found not only the Delta Bluesman, but also a lasting affection for the culture enveloping the music and the people.
   Bopp’s passion developed into a life-long love affair, which begged to be documented and memorialized. Bopp explains, “The people of Mississippi are so rich with life, their stories are embedded in their scents, hands, gazes; they are draped in history. My goal was, and still is, to document all that is Mississippi. The authenticity of Mississippi can stop you in your tracks, it’s an amazing place.” His connection to people, his keen sensitivity to color and composition has resulted in a body of work that is both art and document. 
Trask Gallery
Professional Women Photographers: Whims of Weather
May 18 - 30

Opening Reception:
Monday, May 18, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Whims of Weather is a group exhibition of photographic works by members of Professional Women Photographers (PWP).
   Weather is the day-to-day condition of a given place. It is not something we can control.  To the contrary, the weather controls us.  This exhibition will display images that express the drama of mother nature in her various temperaments.  The images portray weather’s most violent outbursts, as well as its more subtle moods.
   Established in 1975, Professional Women Photographers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women photographers through workshops, lectures, and public exhibitions of their work. PWP’s members range from photojournalists to fine art photographers, from emerging artists to seasoned professionals.

Pictured: “Ohhhh Noooo” by Andy Mars
Grand Gallery
Russian American Foundation:
Mastering Myths and Connecting to Spirit


June 1 - 20

Opening Reception:
Monday, June 1, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This exhibit pairs the graphic works of contemporary Russian artist Dashi Namdakov, who continues to develop the artistic traditions of past generations, with photographs never seen before in America of Russian shamanism, from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography.
   Namdakov incorporates a multitude of elements from diverse cultural legacies and periods: European and Asian art traditions, the cave paintings of Altamira, Renaissance drawings, the Scythian-Siberian animal style, Japanese engravings, netsuke, shamanistic motifs and energies. In spite of his reverent nod to masterful tradition, his work and imagery are uniquely his own. “Tradition”, according to historian Margarita Albedil, “is above all a system of inheritance which guarantees the reproduction of the essence of what’s inherited, its content”.
   The call of distant ancestors is clearly heard in the historical photographs of shamanism. In many cultures, the shaman is the intermediary between the human and spirit worlds. A shaman often heals the human world through the spirit world. Shamanism is based on ancient dualistic ideas that divide the universe into the ordinary and the sacred. At the center of its conception there is a fundamental view of animism, or belief that animals, plants and inanimate objects are actually animated by spirit. There is no separation between the physical and the spiritual.

The Exhibit is presented by the Russian American Foundation, in collaboration with Gallery Shchukin and the Russian Museum of Ethnography, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Gulture as part of the 13th Annual Russian Heritage Month®.

Gregg Gallery

Russian American Foundation: Group Shows
June 1 - August 30

Join the Russian American Foundation for the following three exhibitions, featuring the 3rd annual group exhibit of Russian and American women artists.

THE MEMORY OF TIME AND SPACE: Russian American Women Artists in Dialogue
Works on paper by the most inventive and exciting visual artists - 
Yelena Lezhen and Anya Rubin.
On view: June 1 - June 11
Opening Reception:  June 2,  6:00 -8:00 PM

COLLECTIVELY INDEPENDENT: An exhibit of Russian American Women Artists
An exciting look at five emerging female artists, Yuliya Lanina, Valentina Loseva,
Anya Roz, Anya Rubin and Irina Sheynfeld. Presented in collaboration with COJECO
BluePrint Fellowship Program.
On view: June 12 - June 20
Opening Reception:  June 16,  6:00-8:00 PM

LIVES OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR: The Untold Story of Jewish Soviet
Soldiers in the Red Army During WW II

Presented by the Blavatnik Archive
On view: June 21 – August 30
Opening Reception:  June 22,  6:00-8:00 PM

Cowboy, music box, 6”x8”x4”, 2014, Technical Development: Theodore Johnson, Music Yevgeniy Sharlat

Marquis Gallery
Marela Zacarias
June 1 - 26

Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 4, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Marela Zacarias’s work combines painting and sculpture and is characterized by an interest in site specificity, the history contained in objects, and current events. Her sculptures are constructed from window screens and joint compound and painted with original patterns and geometric abstract shapes.
   Recently, Marela completed a 58’ x 11’ permanent sculptural installation for the new American Consulate in Monterrey, Mexico. She had her first solo show at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Raw/Cooked Series in February 2013. She was part of the Museo del Barrio’s S-Files Biennial in 2012, and the Hunter MFA show at the Times Square Gallery 2012.
   A resident of Brooklyn, Zacarias was born in Mexico City. In 2012 she was the first artist-in-residence at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Connecticut. She is a graduate of Kenyon College and received an MFA in painting from Hunter College. She has taught mural art in Washington, DC, Connecticut, and Mexico City.
Trask Gallery
Courtroom Art: Eyewitness for the Public
June 1 - 26

Opening Reception:
Tuesday, June 9, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

As part of a year long series of events celebrating the 225th Anniversary of the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York, the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in lower Manhattan hosted the exhibition Courtroom Art: Eyewitness for the Public. The National Arts Club is pleased to welcome this highly received show to the Trask Gallery.
   Among the cases illustrated are United States vs Imelda Marcos, United States vs Leona Helmsley, Ron Galella vs Jacqueline Kennedy, as well as several high profile terrorism and organized crime cases. Participating artists include Christine Cornell, Aggie Kennedy. Jane Rosenberg, Richard Tomlinson and Elizabeth Williams.
   The works provide the public with a visual image of some of the district’s most famous cases.

Images shown: Christine Cornell, Martha Stewart Fraud Trial