Gallery Calendar

All four galleries of The National Arts Club are open to the public and can be visited Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM (hours are subject to change). There is no admission fee.

Grand Gallery
Celebrating The Permanent Collection: New Acquisitions/ Restorations / Discoveries
November 9 - 28

The nucleus of The National Arts Club’s Permanent Collection is formed by the remarkable paintings that came to the Club as a result of the Artist Life Membership program active between 1909-1950. Most of these works have been displayed and are familiar icons to our members.
   A review of the Club’s holdings during the past two years has revealed hidden treasures including a complete Ninth Edition of Goya’s Los Caprichos. Enhancing the Collection, through the reactivation of the Artists Life Membership Program, are works by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov.
   Celebrating the forward direction of the Permanent Collection, the show will introduce new works by Fabrizio Arrieta (recipient of the 2014 NAC Residency Program), Carlos Quintana (Guest Artist, 2015) and the unveiling of the newly restored Collection favorite, Shepherds Cottage by Paul Cornoyer.

Pictured: Carlos Quintana MAN WHO WALKED ON WATER, 2015, Oil on canvas, NAC Permanent Collection, Gift of the artist
Marquis Gallery
Joan Thorne: Black and White Into Color:
Drawings 1970s - 1980s
November 2 - 28

The National Arts Club is pleased to present this exhibition of rarely seen works on paper by Joan Thorne. Included in the Whitney Annual of 1971, the 1981 Whitney Biennial and presented in a rare solo show at the Corcoran Gallery in 1973, Joan Thorne was recognized early in her career as an important talent. In 1987, the American Academy awarded her the Prix de Rome in Visual Arts. A familiar figure in the New York art world for decades, Thorne also became distinguished for her social and cultural consciousness and her desire and ability to communicate.
  Identified with the third generation of the New York School, it is Thorne’s sustained primal source and undiminished intuition that have always allowed her work to vibrate with vitality, color and an incantatory musical sensibility.
   The small but powerful group of drawings included in this exhibition are an important look into the development and life of this unique artist.
   “Optically captivating, the work conveys a state of visceral and cosmic ecstasy.” - Ken Johnson, The New York Times
Gregg Gallery
Between The Lines: Exploring Drawings
November 16 - January 30

Drawings have for centuries offered viewers the most immediate and intimate glimpse of an artist’s perception and sensitivity. From the great outlines of Renaissance masters to the more intimate sketches of the English Romantics, drawings have exerted a great appeal to collectors and art historians. Since the early 20th century, artists have made the argument that that drawings can posses inherent qualities that make them a major art form in their own right. By the 1930’s, artist were challenging ideas of line and space through the use of unconventional media, energizing the power of drawing itself.
   This intimate yet forceful exhibition presents an eclectic group of artists who have abandoned (or intensified) pen and pencil to create powerful expressions through line. On view will be works from the 1950’s to the present.

Pictured: Timur York - Graph No. 24 - Tape on graph paper.
Trask Gallery

Society of Scribes
November 2 - 28

Gallery Talk:
Monday, November 23, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

For several years this group of professional as well as novice scribes has been presenting exemplars of their hand-lettered works in Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic, as well as many styles of English and other Latinate languages. The SoS, founded in 1974, offers many classes and workshops for beginners and advanced calligraphers in a variety of hands or styles such as italic, uncial, black letter and copperplate. It also offers lectures and other events during the year.
   Founding members such as Alice, the Morgan Library's calligrapher for many years, and Emily Brown Shields, who, with Alice, did calligraphic work for Steuben Glass, will be represented. The SoS is particularly pleased that the White House maintains a staff of calligraphers for formal presidential invitations, among them Patricia Blair, who will be presenting a
pointed pen workshop for the SoS in Spring 2016.
   For more information, please visit
Grand & Gregg Gallery
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club:
The 118th Annual Open Juried Exhibition
November 30 - December 19

For 60 years, the Club has been welcomed by The National Arts Club in furthering their goals which is to provide aid, counsel and exhibition opportunities to young women artists in New York City. The Annual Open Juried Exhibition provides opportunities for members and non-members alike to show their work in the heart of the world’s art capital, New York City.
Grand Gallery
Selections from The Permanent Collection
December 20 - January 2

Enjoy favorite seasonal selections from The Permanent Collection of The National Arts Club.
Marquis Gallery
Stephen Maine: Residue
November 30 - January 2

Opening Reception:
Thursday, December 3, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The NAC presents a group of new abstract paintings by Brooklyn artist Stephen Maine. Working in acrylic on canvas, Maine investigates such Modernist painting concerns as figure/ground relationships, pictorial space, the perceptual interaction of color, and the integrity of the picture plane. He approaches these issues by means of a procedure, akin to relief printmaking, in which he applies color to the canvas support using rudimentary ‘plates’ made primarily of plywood, joint compound and glue.  
  Serial production is characteristic of Maine’s studio activity, and several of the paintings in this exhibition could be considered an excerpt or sample from a series of paintings made from the same plate (or plates).
  Stephen Maine is a painter, art critic, curator, and educator. He earned his BFA in Painting from Indiana University and his MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Recent solo exhibitions of his work have been seen at 490 Atlantic and Melville House. Maine teaches in the graduate Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts, and he is a long-time member of the American Abstract Artists.
Marquis Gallery

Janette Beckman with Cey Adams: Mash Up
November 30 - January 2

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, December 2, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Mash Up presents photographs taken between 1977 and 1990, documenting hip hop from its pioneering days through its emergence into mainstream popular culture.
   Hip-hop culture, incorporating such elements as DJing, rapping, and breaking (dancing), was born on the streets of New York City in the 1970s and grew to have a global impact on music, dance, and fashion. The work shown forms a broad survey of a movement that is indelibly linked to New York City and still has a resounding influence today.
   Janette Beckman was an experienced music photographer in Britain, having photographed the nascent punk rock scene for magazines and record companies including three Police album covers. She was drawn to the energy of the developing New York hip hop scene and moved to the city in 1982. She  quickly became one of the leading photographers of the exploding movement, specializing in portraits and including iconic photo shoots of Run DMC, Salt’n’Pepa, and LL Cool J. She is credited for helping create the public face of hip hop.

Pictured: Keith Haring. Photo Janette Beckman. Artwork. Cey Adams