Gallery Calendar

All four galleries of The National Arts Club are open to the public and can be visited Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM (hours are subject to change). There is no admission fee.

Grand Gallery
The Pastel Society of America's 42nd Annual Exhibition
September 2 - 27

Opening Reception + Gallery Tour:
Friday, September 19, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Pastel Society of America (PSA) once again fills the Grand Gallery of The National Arts Club with the best examples of the art of pastel by artists from North America and all over the world. With each consecutive year, the PSA Annual Exhibition has grown in size and professional stature to become a major event in the global community of pastel artists and societies.

Also, in the Trask Gallery: The PSA Student Show
September 15 - 27

The 25th PSA School for Pastels student exhibition will be held in the Trask Gallery of The National Arts Club. Pastels completed under instruction in the PSA School for Pastels will be on view. 

For a detailed schedule of events, visit the PSA’s website:
All events are open to the public and free of charge, unless otherwise noted.

Image shown: Rae Smith - Morning Mist

Gregg Gallery
Meeting Mythology: An Eternal Source
September 2 - 27

The myths of ancient Greece (and subsequently ancient Rome) have remained unrivaled in the Western world as sources of imaginative and compelling ideas. Artists from ancient times to the present have derived inspiration from mythology and have discovered timeless significance and relevance in classical themes. Reveling in a virtuosic vision or probing the human condition and psyche, a work of art can be the key to our understanding of myth-making itself.
   Meeting Mythology will feature selections from the Permanent Collection enhanced by works of four contemporary guest artists.  Highlights include Erik Haupt’s enticing Leda and The Swan and Ella Condie Lamb’s Memory - works that have not been on public display for several decades.

Image shown: Luis Berneker - SIRENS (detail, 1929) Oil on canvas
Marquis Gallery
Mark DeMuro: News Pictures Series
September 2 - 27

A familiar figure in the Manhattan art world since the mid 1980’s, Mark deMuro is celebrated for his rich imagination and his unique celebration of his working material in diverse media. In advance of inaugural exhibitions in Paris and Japan, The National Arts Club is pleased to present a preview of DeMuro’s News Pictures Series.
   “I love working from the newspapers. They engage the present and their subjects are the events on the stage of our daily lives. These are reworked images and pages culled from the papers. They are edited, cropped, erased and redrawn. Reframed and refined. Newspapers offer the immediate quality of an item suitable for a time capsule, a mirror or window to our time. “ - Mark DeMuro
   The works also stand as a loving tribute to the vanishing habit of reading our news printed on paper.

Image shown: FLAG, 2012. Mixed media on newspaper
Grand Gallery
Charles James: Beneath The Dress
September 29 - October 5

Monday, September 29, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The week-long exhibition features a comprehensive examination of the man behind the dress. The exhibit shows over 60 of James’s fashion and erotic drawings from the collection of R. Couri Hay, writer and friend of James. These pieces have never been viewed in public until now.
  In 1975, James was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for his dressmaking technique. The painter Robert Motherwell, who was on the committee, said, “The drawings are more powerful and more to the point than any of the work submitted by so called ‘regular artists.’ I have never met James; I don’t particularly need to, but I think Charles James is a genius.”
  The mixed media exhibition will include a short film that utilizes rare footage from Anton Perich and Hay’s 1970s documentary and interviews with James. The exhibit also includes photographs of James and his models by Anton Perich.
  James is widely acknowledged as America’s greatest couturier. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute show, “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” in 2014 resurrected and cemented James’s reputation.

Image shown:
Charles James, B&W Clover Leaf  Dress, Drawing 
Trask Gallery
Peter Baryshnikov
September 29 - October 11

Opening Reception:
Tuesday, September 30, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Peter Baryshnikov is a photographer with a social conscience. His work addresses social conditions and records them in his silver gelatin prints. As a contrast, he creates personal and observant portraits of the people living in these difficult conditions. This exhibit juxtaposes these striking views and contrasts landscape and humanity within the exhibition.
  Peter came to photography early through his godfather, Howard Gilman, a major collector of early photography and a socially concerned philanthropist. Mr. Baryshnikov emulates Mr. Gilman’s compassion for humanity as well, referring to his work as “more than photo journalism,” his desire is to advocate for those living in harsh circumstances as well.
Peter studied photography at the Art Institute of Boston where he earned a B.A. After graduating, Mr. Baryshnikov traveled to Central America and photographed the “trash pickers” in Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico leading to his series, “Guajeros.” He is currently photographing and exploring many of the Land Art sites in the Western U.S.
Gregg Gallery
Jonathan Jakubowicz: Religious mythologies juxtoposed in "Archetypes" - Photographs from Kumbh Mela
September 29 - October 11

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 3, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

All religious and cultural mythologies share a common origin, according to Carl Jung’s archetypal theory of the collective unconscious. The exploration of this idea provoked photographer
  Jonathan Jakubowicz to travel to different parts of the world to observe rituals and spiritual celebrations. In February 2013, he attended the Kumbha Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which over 120 million people gathered to bathe in the Ganges river. It was the largest religious gathering in recorded human history.
  Archetypes is a series of portraits that considers Jung’s theory by photographing Kumbha Mela participants and presenting them as icons of Judeo-Christian mythology. In the concept, Jakubowicz attempts to visually express a common thematic framework between Eastern and Western devotional thought.

Image shown:

Marquis Gallery
From The Permanent Collection: Casey McKee - Corporate Warfare
September 29 - November 1

Born in  Phoenix, Arizona, photographer Casey McKee has spent most of his professional career in Berlin where his unique process of combining photographic emulsion with oil painting has been received enthusiastically by critics and collectors. Mainly self-taught, McKee has developed into a master technician, allowing his method to effortlessly enhance subject and feeling.
   The National Arts Club is fortunate to hold thirteen original prints from McKees’s best known series, Corporate Warfare (2005). Using the business suit as a costume, McKee’s images juxtapose violence with professional deportment to portray the brutal psychological warfare of the corporate world.
  Provocative and humorous, McKee’s images are compelling in both their execution and contemporary narrative.
Grand Gallery
Edvard Munch - Master Prints
October 6 - 25

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 8, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The great Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944) created some of the most visually arresting and psychologically powerful images in the history of art. Though today his fame rests largely on one painting, Munch was an experimental printmaker of astonishing daring and virtuosity. With these works Munch has made a lasting contribution to the Modernist movement exploring themes like isolation and existentialism in a radical and original way. Though his paintings are striking, it is his work in the graphic arts that fully conveys his exploration of the interior world of human feelings.
   Also on view will be works from the NAC Permanent Collection of American artists who were Munch’s contemporaries. Paintings by Max Bohm, Bolton Brown, Frank DuMond and Birge Harrison will be among the masterworks featured.
   The National Arts Club is pleased to collaborate again with the John Szoke Gallery in presenting this unique and important exhibition.
Gregg Gallery
October 13 - 25

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 15, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Papercut, featuring recent work by Tony Ingrisano and Adam Fowler, explores the use of paper as principal medium. Though their approach to abstract representation and non-objective gesture differs, their styles converge through remarkably complex compositions that are simultaneously linear and sculptural.
   The work of Tony Ingrisano is informed by a variety of systems: aerial city views, power grids, and variations in river circuits. Drawings start with a simple mark and then grow into larger, more complex configurations, as he layers ink, graphite, watercolor, and collaged elements to create the final composition.
   Adam Fowler creates gestural drawings with graphite pencil, each finished drawing consisting of a number of drawn sheets stacked together. His methodic approach to his work is impressive, but what’s far more interesting is the rhythm created with every composition. Even though he characterizes the drawing process as highly stressful – he prefers cutting the paper – Fowler’s gestures are confident and fluid.
Gregg Gallery
New York Society of Etchers (NYSE)
October 27 - November 8

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 30, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This year’s exhibition is a joint venture coordinated by the Etcher’s Society with two of Australia’s top curators. The format of this cultural collaboration is an urban theme that will showcase contrasting views and styles from important printmakers working in major cities on opposite sides of the world. Dianna Gold and Carmel Wallace, PhD of Melbourne, Australia commissioned a collection of prints by important local artists such as Rona Green, and Marco Luccio for their portion of the project. Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the Museum of the City of New York curated the New York area contributions on behalf of the NYSE from a talented pool if artists working in the tri-state region.
   The New York Society of Etchers, Inc. is an artist run not-for-profit printmakers group which focuses on organizing exhibitions of intaglio prints nationally and internationally, directly or through collaborations; and with public institutions.  For more info, visit
Coming in November!
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov
A Model Point of View / Drawings
Opening Reception: Monday, November 3

A second installment of “A Model Point of View/ Architectural Maquettes” will be on view in the Gregg Gallery beginning November 10. Opening Reception: Monday, November 10

We are also pleased to announce that Ilya & Emilia Kabakov will be honored with The National Arts Club Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement in Fine Arts on November 13. This will be a members-only event.