Gallery Calendar

Grand Gallery
The National Arts Club Will Barnet Student Show
April 1 - 25

Over his long rich lifetime Will Barnet dedicated himself to arts education. In his honor The National Arts Club has re-established its Annual Student Exhibition, one of Will’s favorite juried shows. In conjunction with the relaunch of this exhibition, the NAC has created, through the generosity of its members, the Will Barnet First Prize.
   The work of undergraduate students from nine prestigious New York area schools will be showcased in our Grand Gallery. We invite you to join us in welcoming these emerging artists to the NAC. Their fresh energy and imagination enhance and confirm Will Barnet’s legacy as a teacher and the Club’s commitment to arts education.

Pictured: Everett Raymond Kinstler, WILL BARNET with SINGULAR IMAGE, 1977, oil on canvas. Collection of The Butler Institute of American Art
Marquis and Trask Galleries
Arbor Day - A Celebration in Art
March 31 - May 10

The acclaimed American landscape painter and NAC Artist Life Member John F. Carlson advised his Woodstock students in the late 1920’s to “Know your trees......understand that they are conscious , living things, with tribulations and desires not wholly disassociated from your own. In many ways they excel man... They stand there silent and dignified , but never unfriendly.”
   The Permanent Collection of The National Arts Club is rich in American landscape painting of the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. Drawing from these exceptional works, and with the participation of six contemporary guest artists, Arbor Day - A Celebration in Art will present three centuries of American landscape art.
  The artists included in this exhibition all have a highly personal dialogue with the environment, an ardent response to nature, and have found in the observation of trees elements of structure, invention and expression.

Pictured: John Scott Williams, Summer Harmony (detail), 1945, oil on board
Gregg Gallery
Marcus M. Reidenberg - Flower Portraits
April 14 - 19

Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 16, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

In time for Spring, photographer and NAC member Marcus Reidenberg will share with us twenty four of his remarkable Flower Portraits from 2011. A perfect compliment to the Arbor Day Show in the adjoining ground floor galleries, these colorful and striking images will help us to welcome and celebrate a long awaited Springtime.

Marcus Reidenberg’s work is featured in the Permanent Collection of the New York Historical Society.

Gregg Gallery
23 Prime: The 23rd Annual National Arts Club Roundtable Exhibition
April 22 - May 10

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 24, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This annual exhibition brings together established and emerging artists, offering them an opportunity to share their esthetic explorations and latest accomplishments with a new audience. Traditionally a showcase for Roundtable member artists, this year the show will feature several pieces submitted by the Young Members Committee. The works encompass a variety of genres, materials, and media and are sure to impose an inspiring installation. Do join us for the opening on April 24 to meet the artists, advance a new aesthetic appreciation, enjoy some mellow music, and gather with friends, old and new.
Grand Gallery
It's an Invasion
April 28 - May 10

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 29, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

To invade is to overwhelm, to take by storm. Bacteria invade a human cell, an emotion overwhelms, the chemicals in a rocket can’t take the pressure so they explode through air – it’s an invasion.
  It’s An Invasion, a group show curated by Kelsey Bennett, Joshua Hubbard, and Lele Saveri will include works by young artists who live and create in New York. The works in the show will reflect disturbance and agitation: a city, a person, an object, a belief, a relationship, or a feeling.  It’s An Invasion is an ode to the idea that after introducing one thing to another, those two things will never be the same.
  The show will pay homage to New York City’s creative melting pot by including works by artists who have migrated here from places around the world. The New York-based band SKATERS will perform at the opening night reception.

Pictured: Othelo Gervacio, Magik Maker 1
Grand Gallery
Inspiring Arts Education Summit: Featuring Art by Young Artists
May 12 - 17

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 15, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Screening of Inocente followed by Q & A with Inocente and Executive Producer Susan MacLaury   
Thursday, May 15, 5:30 pm

Arts Education Panel Luncheon
Friday, May 16, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

For one week in May, The National Arts Club will celebrate Young Artists, including Inocente Izucar, students of The Rudolf Steiner School, Marta Valle High School and Broome Street Academy in New York. A highlight of the week will be the screening of the Academy Award-winning film Inocente, an intensely personal and vibrant coming-of-age documentary about a young homeless artist’s fierce determination to never surrender to the bleakness of her surroundings.
   In addition to each gallery hosting the students’ work, young artists from Broome Street Academy will participate in a mural painting workshop with Inocente Izucar on Wednesday. The week will culminate in a panel focused on the importance of the Arts in Education and Society.
   With the current emphasis on standardization and high stakes testing, art has lost a place of importance in the school curriculum. The week-long summit will explore creative approaches to teaching and support the utilization of arts in the classroom.

Pictured: Inocente, Brain on Art


Trask Gallery
Women Photographers Examine Interior Lives
May 19 - 31

Opening Reception:Monday, May 19, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Interior Lives is a group exhibition of photographic works by members of Professional Women Photographers (PWP).
   In any space that we inhabit, live, or work, each of us arranges it in a unique way, and each of these spaces represents a personal statement of the inhabitant. This exhibition will display a wide range of interior spaces--homes, artists’ studios, offices, classrooms --in widely disparate neighborhoods and in starkly different countries and cultures, helping us to appreciate the ways in which people shape and relate to their environments.  This exhibit will allow the viewer an intimate look into the interior lives of the photographers’ subjects.
   Established in 1975, Professional Women Photographers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women photographers through workshops, lectures, and public exhibitions of their work, including an annual photo exhibit for high school girls in the tri-state area.  PWP’s members range from photojournalists to fine art photographers, from emerging artists to seasoned professionals.

Pictured: Joann Frechette, Aunt Fran’s Kitchen
Grand Gallery
From Primitivism to Propaganda: Russia's Modern Masters
May 19 - June 14

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 4, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

In celebration of the 12th Annual Russian Heritage Month, the Russian American Foundation is pleased to present an exhibition of works on paper by some of Russia’s most notable modern artists. Selected from the private holdings of the proprietors of Gallery Shchukin, an international gallery of modern and contemporary art with locations currently in Moscow, New York and Paris, the exhibition will showcase works by Natalia Goncharova, Alexei Kruchenikh, Mikhail Larionov, Rosalia Rabinovich, Clement Redko, and the Stenberg brothers.
   Gallery Shchukin was founded 25 years ago in Moscow with a focus on contemporary artists from Russia and Eastern Europe. They were among the first to bring these artists to Western audiences. They have curated an important group shows of contemporary work at venues such as the Tampere Art Museum in Finland; Russian Collection Presents... at the United Nations in Geneva; Russian Mind, a group show in Graz, Austria of Perestroika era artists, and Matrix XX Century, a collection of digital work commissioned for the Japanese International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation in Tokyo.
   Gallery Shchukin is renowned not only for their innovative programs but also for their collection of antiquities, Japanese and Chinese graphics and Russian Modernist art assembled privately by its founders, Marina and Nikolai Preobrezhensky.

Also in the Gregg and Marquis Galleries
Works on Paper from the NAC's Permanent Collection
May 19 - June 7

A unique opportunity to view Works on Paper from the Permanent Collection. From Rembrandt to Rosenquist, we are excited to share these works of art.