Young Members


Chair: Charlotte Kent
Young Member Gala Chair: Vaughn Massey


We aim to introduce young members to the culture of the club by providing lively panel discussions that draw from today’s topics in arts and culture, and showcasing emerging artists across media.

Role in furthering the NAC Mission

The Young Members Committee of The National Arts Club strives to engage artists and art enthusiasts under the age of forty to become active in furthering the Club’s mission, thereby ensuring its legacy.

The Young Members Committee provides a bridge for interested art patrons and artists to experience the many benefits of our renowned organization through programming which can serve to introduce potential new members to the Club. Past events have included book launches, film screenings, and exhibits featuring the work of emerging young artists, as well as lively art-themed soirees and costume galas.

The Committee strives to present programs from a modern perspective but which appeal to all age groups. United by a common passion for the arts, the Committee is a diverse body of young members from a broad professional spectrum who continue to seek like-minded individuals dedicated to sustaining a National Arts Club for the twenty-first century while preserving its extraordinary heritage.

Upcoming Events

Young Members

When Art, Sex, and Business Meet

Wednesday, February 17
8:00 PM

When art, sex, and business collide, interesting stories unfold. Establishing dollar value and managing sexual overtones is a part of most creative ventures, but for some it's at the heart of their work.
   Sonia Agostino is the creator of luxury latex line, TABLEAUX VIVANTS. Working with latex materials for over 15 years, Sonia founded the company in 2009 with the hopes to create a line that surpassed the expectations of being categorized as fetish. Her work has been seen on top celebrities around the world and featured in numerous fashion ads and publications. Nomi Ellenson is a photographer who specializes in lingerie and swimwear. She works as a photographer at and owns her own boudoir photography company, Shoot Me Sexy NYC. Legs Malone, the Girl With The Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam, is a burlesque performer, producer, host and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. A native New Yorker, she is currently the producer of Wolfshine Burlesque in Brooklyn and host of the "Lunch With Legs" podcast.
These women will share stories about how they built their businesses, what they have learned managing the collision among art-sex-business, when they impose boundaries, but also address concerns about popular and political notions of their work. We look forward to a lively Q&A following the discussion.  

Photo courtesy of Nomi Ellenson